What is serum?

A form of skincare product that you can apply to skin in between cleansing and moisturising with the objective to deliver powerful ingredients directly into the skin. Serum is typically formulated with smaller molecules that can be
absorbed into the skin more effectively. Roscēlle Rose Stem Cell Serum is packed with alpine rose stem cell extracts and other active ingredients to help fight signs of ageing.

By using a serum, people are able to intensify the strength of their regimen or round out the ingredients they are applying to their skin to provide a more comprehensive approach to anti-aging and hydration,” Geyer says. “Serums are usually formulated with a higher concentration of active ingredients so that a few drops are sufficient to cover the entire face.

Can stem cells derived from plants actually work on human?

Humankind has long been using plant-derived substances for medicinal use as well as beauty. Plant stem cells and human stem cells work differently. Nonetheless, harnessing the regenerative and protective properties in plant stem cells can help epidermis stem cells regain certain vitality, helping skin
restore smoothness and firmness.

Does Roscēlle Rose Stem Cell Serum has an expiry date?

Certain ingredients can become unstable once they come in contact with air. However, the serum is formulated in a way that it can last longer so they can deliver optimum results. Roscēlle Rose Stem Cell Serum is stored within an enclosed pump bottle to minimise contacts with air. It is also highly recommended to keep the bottle in cool, dry places.

How often should I use my serum?

Twice a day is best recommended.

How should I apply my serum?

Instructions of Use:

1. Take two pumps of Rose Stem Cell Serum
2. Apply evenly over face
3. Gently pat into skin until fully absorbed
4. Use twice daily for better results
5. Keep bottle away from direct sunlight and heat
6. Do not rinse

Doesn’t serum expire really fast?

Certain potent ingredients often found in serum can become unstable once they come in contact with air. Ascorbic acid (vitamin C), for instance, can oxidise and lose efficacy over time. However, modified versions of the ingredient last longer so they can do your skin more good. Best rule of thumb is to store your vial in a cool, dry place and use it up within six months to a year.

Where can I find Roscēlle store?

Roscēlle is currently operating as an e-commerce. You can browse and purchase the product at Your order will be delivered to your doorstep.

Is Roscelle serum overpriced ?

Serums tend to be on the pricier end of the skincare spectrum. But for a pretty decent reason! Remember that bit about being super concentrated and potent.

I haven't received my item. What can I do?

You can track your order here. Notifying us by calling Customer Service on+6 0327764836 with your order details if you couldn’t trace your order.

Can I cancel my order?

No, you cannot cancel your order once payment is made.

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