Roscelle Rose Stem Cell Serum

With constant assaults from free radicals, UV rays, environmental toxins, and debased nutrition, every time our skin cells turn over, they run the risk of damage and mutation. Plus, with age, stem cells become depleted and turnover rate slows down which results in visible aging, wrinkles, and less-than lustrous skin. Supplying the skin with a fresh batch of stem cells could potentially allow for the creation of new, younger-looking skin. This delicately scented rose stem cells serum provides deep hydration and strong firming and lifting effect, leaves skin looking brightened radiant and youthful.

Rose Plant Extract

The alpine rose (Rhododendron ferrugineum) is an evergreen cold-resistant shrub with spectacular, bell-shaped pink flowers, which grows at high altitudes in the Alps. The alpine rose can live for more than 100 years and is able to adapt to very challenging environmental conditions such as large variations in temperature, UV and dryness. High contents in various polyphenolic compounds protect the plant tissue against the attack of radicals.

  • Improves skin stem cell vitality

  • Protects skin barrier under harsh environmental conditions

  • Anti-wrinkle effect in the crow’s feet area

  • Visible improvement of skin quality

  • Perception of general improvement (self-evaluation)